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The Thinking Network Asia

Rob Devine, Chief Insights Officer

Rob is a motivating, creative and most energetic facilitator who has worked extensively throughout the Asia-Pacific region, Europe and the Middle East.

Rob runs a comprehensive range of workshops, conference sessions, consulting and coaching assignments in the areas of Whole Brain Thinking, Productive Thinking, Creativity and Innovation, Leadership development, talent management and organisational change. He is much sought after in this role as an excellent facilitator and a most perceptive consultant and speaker. He has presented at creativity conferences, workshops and meetings around the World.

He is a Neethling Brain Instruments (Whole Brain Thinking, thinking preferences) and Productive Thinking, Master Practitioner. 

Rob is also a valued member of the DUKE CE Global Educator Network and works with DUKE CE clients around the world.

The Network:

Claire Devine - Asia

Claire Devine is an award winning, professional actress by training. When not appearing on stage, Claire is a most sought after facilitator and educator. With  amazing energy and captivating presence,  she is able to stimulate any audience whether in a theatre, a conference or a classroom.

Claire is a co-designer of the very popular Stagecraft™ program offered by The Thinking Network™. Stagecraft™ is a unique program designed to inspire confidence and personal presence in anyone who needs to make critical presentations to any audience.

Ken Wall - Australia

The Thinking Network Guru.


Cheryl Goss - Australia

Whole Brain Thinking Australia​


Phil Day - Australia

The Mind Factory, Australia


Kerryn Velleman - Australia

Kru Consulting.


Wayne Morris - New Zealand

The Future Edge


Clients in Asia:

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